Following the fibers are actually divided and processed, they are usually spun into yarns and woven or knit into linen textiles. These textiles can then be bleached, dyed, printed on, or finished with a number of solutions or coatings.[twelve]

Linen fabric has become useful for desk coverings, mattress coverings and garments for hundreds of years. The numerous expense of linen derives don’t just from The problem of dealing with the thread, but also because the flax plant alone requires quite a lot of interest.

(horse) → abwerfen; the lorry spilled its load on to the highway → die Ladung fiel vom Lastwagen herunter auf die Straße

→ يُهْرِقُ rozlít (se) spilde verschütten χύνω derramar läikyttää renverser proliti versare こぼす …을 엎지르다 morsen søle rozlać derramar проливать spilla ทำหก dökmek làm đổ 溢出

Linen is a very long lasting, robust fabric, and one of many number of which are much better damp than dry. The fibers never extend, and so shabby chic tablecloth are resistant to destruction from abrasion.

The fibers have to then be loosened through the stalk. This really is achieved by retting. It is a system which makes use of germs to decompose the pectin that binds the fibers jointly.

The usage of linen for priestly vestments was not confined for the Israelites; Plutarch wrote which the clergymen of Isis also wore linen due to its picnic tablecloth weights purity.

She opened the door and light spilled in to the home → Elle ouvrit la porte et un flot de lumière se répandit dans la pièce.

An alternate manufacturing strategy is known as “cottonizing” which can be more rapidly and necessitates white polyester tablecloths significantly less equipment. The flax stalks are processed applying conventional cotton machinery; even tablecloth fabric so, the finished fibers typically eliminate the attribute linen look.

excursion, slip – an accidental misstep threatening (or leading to) a fall; “he blamed his slip within the ice”; “the jolt prompted a lot of funky tablecloths slips and some spills”